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About Simple Meditation

At Simple Meditation, based in Melbourne (Australia), we provide a peaceful, supportive environment in which people at all levels of meditation experience can come together and practise. Everyone can benefit from meditating in a group with an experienced teacher. Benefits range from profound relaxation and stress release, to a deeper understanding of who we are, and can ultimately lead to the freedom of enlightenment.

Linda Clair, gives group instruction as well as individual guidance.

Linda teaches simple, very effective meditation techniques in a non-sectarian way – observing the breath, and slow walking meditation. Although the meditation is based on Zen Buddhist practice, there are no religious teachings or rituals involved. We have no courses and no different ‘levels’. All our sessions are open to everyone. We all progress at our own pace, and in a way, we are all beginners.

Newcomers to this site might like to read Simple Meditation Practice (2mins) and Body Scan (4mins). Further articles can be found here.

Please have a look around our website if you’d like to find out more about Linda’s background, and meditation in general.