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“I say that I’m enlightened because if I want to teach I have to say something. I have to use words, to try to encourage people, and to try to explain the state I’m in, knowing that it’s impossible. It’s not the words. The words connect me with people in a way, but it’s the energy behind the words that is important.”

Linda Clair was interviewed by in 2015. (see below for the video of ‘I am Enlightened’.)
Read the transcript here of the  ‘I am Enlightened’ interview with Linda Clair – by Renate McNay.
Linda was interviewed in August 2014 by Rick Archer on Buddha At The Gas Pump (see below)

These short talks by Linda Clair are from the first sit of the day, Kallara 7-Day Retreat, Sept 2016

I’m not your teacher. I’m your guide.
Day 1 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 5mins 44.
You’re never going to understand what I am saying so there is no point in trying to understand what I am saying.
Day 2 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 4mins 06.
This isn’t about finding out who you are, it’s about finding out where you are.

Day 3 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 10mins 58.
You can’t think about being here.
Day 4 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 8mins 54.
You can never be too grounded.
Day 5 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 7mins 35.
You don’t need to know that you’re here. 
It’s obvious.
Day 6 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 12mins 05.
The practice does not change.
Day 7 Kallara Retreat, Sept 2016 – 16mins 16.

More short sound recordings from various meditation retreats. Thanks to Augie Monge for these recordings.
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